By Anonymous

“Self-love is often a seed planted by others, but has to be manifested by you.”

Most people believe that self-love, confidence and appreciate comes solely from yourself. But in the instance that you cannot take any more and you’re standing on a bridge ready to have the tides from the river take your breath away; you just need that one person to remind you that you are worthy. Without that good support system, where would we all be? Personally I know that without the support of my partner, I would not be able to say that I have been accepted to 6 Colleges and Universities. It took him to reassuring me that I am an amazing person who works hard and deserves everything that I am given, for myself to accept that I deserve it. Facing depression is not easy; it takes a lot of counseling and support from the people who mean the most to me. Overall, it takes more than just knowing you’re a beautiful person to love yourself, you also need that priceless support from your loved ones.

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After Tiller

By Teona

There is a secret war going on. Now I could be exaggerating, but truthfully this issue is highly controversial. This war is not a particularly violent war, but violence has been woven deep within the issue. Words are being used as weapons, along with picket signs and hours of protests. I watched the documentary called “After Tiller” last week. Basically, a late-term abortion provider named George Tiller was shot dead in his church. Tiller has faced many death threats and has been targeted multiple times at his office. With Tiller gone there are only four late term abortion providers left in the country and they all face violence and the possibility of being murdered. The movie made me think about why people feel the need to take action in preventing abortion, whether it is violent or not. What makes people think that it’s okay to prevent someone from making a choice? Read More »

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Having Faith

By Kaitlyn

As Eric Hoffer said, “Someone who always thinks the world is cheating him is right. He’s missing that wonderful feeling of having trust in someone or something.” Everybody has their own types of skepticism, but to allow that to get in the way of your happiness … is it worth it? It’s good to be cautious to whom or what you put your faith in, but it’s foolish to be oblivious to all the hope and joy that there is to come from having faith. When having hope there is plenty of room for hurt and disappointment … there is just as much room for growth and satisfaction.

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A Righteous Fight

By Shahriar

This was my first time going to Lobby Day in Albany, New York State’s Capitol. I was very nervous at first, but once I got onto the bus, I knew it was going to be alright because that feeling of optimism was everywhere. Once we got to Albany, the Capitol was crowded with other activists that came for different movements. We came to fight for the Women’s Equality Agenda. The sight of seeing other people coming for a righteous cause amazed me because the causes we are fighting for affect us all in every way. It’s 2013, yet we are still struggling to fight for women rights — isn’t that absurd? Read More »

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