Women’s Equality

By Zeeva

I am a feminist. Women are powerful, women are immovable, and women are strong. Why doesn’t the government recognize this? Inequality continues to persist in the United States and is considered a normal part of American living. It needs to be put to a stop.
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A is for Adolescence

By Megan

The term adolescence is used to describe the transition stage between childhood and adulthood. I believe that our adolescent stage in life is one of the most important stages because that is when we are able to find our true selves. Throughout our adolescent years, we are spending most of our time in high school. From the start of high school all the way until you graduate, you gain and lose friends, learn how to deal with relationships, in addition to gaining a good deal of knowledge, and learning where you fit in socially. I personally feel like these are our crucial years because they mold us into who we would like to be in our later future. Read More »

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Cultural Humility

By Megan

After watching the short movie based on cultural humility, I realized that one should never put a halt to learning and the opportunity to be educated. As shown in the documentary, although you believe you know everything, it turns out that you never really know much. This shows how the journey never ends. Cultural humility involves being accepting, understanding, humble, non-judgmental, and mindful of those who are not like you in the sense that you may share different cultural traditions and values.

One part of the documentary that stuck out to me was the scene where one of the females talked about how she had the tendency of putting herself down when she was not educated on a particular subject. Someone gave her wise words of wisdom and reminded her that now knowing does not indicate that you are stupid or that you lack knowledge, it just means that you have to build your knowledge in that particular area by asking questions and expanding your horizons. I am able to relate to this because at times I feel as if not knowing something makes me less smart but hearing these words I realized that I shouldn’t think that way because I may not have sufficient knowledge on one thing, but maybe have an overflow of knowledge on another.

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By Anonymous

In my school we have a program called Clothesline. Its purpose is to represent those that have been abused and encourage others to speak out. I am participating in this event. My father is my abuser. For years he has tried to break my spirit. My life is a game to him. I have endured this for so long. I do not let him or anyone disrespect me anymore. He recently tried to hurt me. Before school started he tried to hurt me. He punched and kicked me for telling him to not talk down to me. Now I don’t talk to him at all. The last thing I told him was that he will never destroy my ambition. My “guardian” hurt me but now I am stronger. I will never let someone do that to me again.

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What if that was you?

By Zeeva

Imagine you were pregnant and about to give birth in an isolated area located in Africa. There are no hospitals or trained professional individuals nearby to deliver your baby. The nearest clinic or medical building is three-four hours away. While traveling, there are no paved roads so your swollen body is rocking from side to side while harboring pain. It hurts A LOT. What if that was you? Read More »

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